USC Baby Blanket
2010/01/23, 3:40 pm
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I am so behind in my blogging, but I’m on my way to catching up!

Here’s a blanket that I made for my friend Alicia’s new baby Atticus. They are huge HUGE  USC fans, so much so that her baby shower was USC themed. I figured what better way to welcome Atticus into the world, than with his very own USC crocheted blanket made by yours truly. I am so happy with the way it came out, my crochet skills are getting better & better & that makes me super excited.

I paired the blanket with a burp cloth made by a friend of mine. 

It makes me happy that I’ve been able to give another totally personal handmade gift.

crochet love.
2009/11/09, 9:17 pm
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I recently finished 2 projects that I’m super proud of!

I crocheted a blanket and matching hat using Vanna’s Choice Baby acrylic in Angel White, Goldfish & Duckie. Kinda reminds me of candy corn! The blanket was my own design made by multiple rows of double stitches and then I added a border of cute white shells to finish it off. I love the bright colors & the simplicity of the stripes. I had some leftover yarn when I finished the blanket so I made a hat using a pattern from Stitch & Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker. I made the blanket & hat for a friends baby & was so excited to see the look on her face when she opened it. I love love love (did I say love?) giving handmade gifts.




Also, while going through my stash I came across this slouchy hat I had made using Vanna’s Choice acrylic yarn in Dusty Green. I used a pattern from Crafty Pants!’s blog awhile back, but my needle was too small so it came out really little. I was about to throw it away when my husband had the great idea that I give it to my niece Madelyn. What a great idea! I sewed a quick little flower & attached it to the front of the hat & viola! I think she looks pretty stinkin cute!




I am so excited to have actually finished a couple of my projects! I’m working hard on some more & am so excited to finally having some time to crochet again. More to come!

crib bumper.
2009/10/03, 11:16 am
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i know, FINALLY, right? these past few months have been insane, but i think i finally have a handle on things & should be able to actually keep up with my crafts & with this blog.

this is my first attempt at making a crib bumper for my son benjamin. it’s my biggest project that i’ve done & i was totally challenged. there were some days when i thought i would NEVER be done. it’s not perfect, but i’m pretty darn proud of myself.

Little Stitches for Little Ones

i used amy butler’s book, little stitches for little ones. there is an awesome pattern in the book that shows you how to make a crib bumper with pockets in it. when i saw this i thought it was genius! i use the pockets to keep his pacifier, cloth books, & stuffed animals that i don’t want sitting in  the crib.


i had a great time working on it & i’m excited to continue to work on his bedding. hopefully he won’t be out of his crib by the time i have the whole set done. i have everything cut for the quilt & i have the bedskirt started. i’m making october my goal for having everything finished. for the next child this will definitely be a lot easier now that i’ve done it once.

also in the past couple of months i’ve made a couple of blankets for benjamin & for a friend’s baby.

IMG_4006i made this one for our friends baby & i love how it came out, totally simple & super cute. i love working with cute girly fabric!

more to come…!

the creativity is flowing.
2009/08/17, 9:45 pm
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in the past month or so i’ve made 3 skirts, made 2 blankets, & finished benjamin’s bumper pads for his crib. i feel so accomplished & so excited! i’m currently working on the crib skirt for his crib & i’m hoping to get it done this week. i’m so excited!

i’ll get pictures up soon. for now, time to sew since benjamin’s asleep!

new stuff.
2009/06/30, 2:06 pm
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okay, so i haven’t actually made anything lately, but i did have the pleasure of going to  the handmade brigaid craft fair in laguna niguel last weekend. there were so many great vendors there & i came home with a new awesome items along with some inspiration.

i bought two pairs of adorable earrings from prettyparis. she had so much great stuff that it was hard to decide what to buy. i settled on the small turquoise owls because i have a slight owl obsession & the large yellow roses because yellow is my new color of choice. the bright colors are perfect for summer. i can’t wait to start wearing them. check out her etsy shop.


if you’re a knitter or a crocheter (like me) you’ll definitely love these buttons! i picked them up from Slipped Stitch Studios. They had a lot of great knitting needle organizers that made me want to pick up a set of needles and try my hand at knitting. unfortunately, for now i don’t have time to pick up a new craft so i’ll just be content with my buttons. to see more of their stuff check out their etsy shop.


and my final (& i think favorite) item that i bought last weekend was this awesome felt rose headband from not quite vintage. i love all things vintage & have been trying to get some cute headbands to wear & this one was calling my name. she had different colored rose & rosette headbands & hairclips. some were even made with silk & tulle. i wish i could’ve bought one in every color. you just have to check out her etsy shop!


i can’t wait for the next craft fair, i definitely have a lot of ideas for stuff to make now. hopefully i’ll have something to show you soon!

it’s been awhile.
2009/05/24, 8:58 pm
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it’s been quite some time since i have felt as inspired as i do right now.

i recently pulled out my sewing machine & in one afternoon i was able to sew some cloth diapers for my new son & finish a blanket for him that had been incomplete for months now. just getting those two small projects done has made me so happy & made me feel like i might actually be able to accomplish all of my projects at some point.

i’ve been awfully busy the past couple of months just getting used to being a mom & everything that comes along with that. my son benjamin was born march 18 & he is absolutely amazing! i know he’s my son, but i really do think he is the most beautiful baby i have ever seen. i still have yet to complete his crib bedding (which is driving me crazy!), but now that we’re on more of a schedule & have more of a routine it actually seems doable.

i’m so excited about the months ahead & everything i have planned to sew, crochet, embroider & whatever else makes me excited to do. i’ll be posting a lot more regularly so please check back.


2009/02/08, 11:58 pm
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Last week I found this great tutorial on Etsy & I instantly fell in love & couldn’t wait to try it: How To Make Your Love Bloom Forever

I really wanted to make something special for my mom & mother-in-law for my baby shower this last weekend. I initially wanted to buy flower corsages, but couldn’t really afford to do it & I wanted it to be a bit more personalized. I ended up making flower corsages using the tutorial & fabric from Benjamin’s bedding along with black felt ribbon.

Corsage01 corsage02
I stayed up most of the night making the first one, not really knowing what I was doing & not knowing exactly what I wanted it to look like. The second one didn’t take as long & was a lot easier to finish. Overall I’m really happy with how they came out. I can’t wait to make another one and experiment with different ribbon, fabric, & embelisments.

sew busy
2009/02/06, 12:32 am
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things have been crazy busy lately.

michael miller fabricbenjamin is due in 6 weeks & i have been frantically trying to get everything i need to get done before he gets here. i have taken on the task of making my own baby bedding out of an awesome michael miller fabric called retro rocket rascals. it’s amazing! i’m using a red & white poke-a-dot & white chenile as accents. i’m making the quilt, bumper, & bedskirt using patterns found in “little stitches for little ones” by amy butler  (such a great book!). i have yet to get anything completed, due to the fact that we just moved, but i am proud to say that my fabric is atleast on it’s way to being all cut out & ready to sew. next week i am determined to get atleast the quilt done & the bumper on it’s way to being done. i’m not an amazing sewer by any means, but i know i can get it done.

invitation-outsidebesides making stuff for myself, i’ve also been working on planning a baby shower for my sister in law, who is due on april 9, just 3 weeks after me. these are her invitations that i just finished & got out today. in the past 6 months i’ve made invitations for 2 friends & they both had boys so it was nice to be able to make some invitations that were a bit more girly. they were super fun to make & i’m completely pleased with how they came out.  now i have 2 weeks to figure out favors & decorations for her shower, should be a lot of fun!

one more thing…i’ve been helping my mom with decorations & favors for my own shower, which is tomorrow! i’m so excited with how things are coming out & i can’t wait to see everything put together. i’m also excited that after saturday it will be all done & i can focus a bit more on the other projects i have going on.

so there’s my little busy run down. i’ll hopefully have more pictures up soon of stuff i’ve actually finished.

xoxo. nite nite.

it is finished.
2008/12/08, 10:16 pm
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i made these two ornaments as christmas gifts for some good friends of our this year. i had a lot of fun doing it & i’m so excited that i actually got them completed in enough time. though my embroidery skills are far from amazing, i’m quite proud of myself. now i just have to finish the 5 other things i have going on right now. i’m confident i can have it all done by christmas…we’ll see. 

2008/12/01, 11:05 am
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i bought a bunch of new fabric from joann’s this weekend to make some stuff for my benjamin & his new cousin.

i have material cut for 2 blankets that are ready to sew.
i’m almost finished making modifications to my sewing apron. it’s super cute!
i am crocheting a blanket that is about 1/4 of the way finished.
i have enough yarn to make lots of christmas gifts.
i’m in the process of sorting my paper so i can start my christmas cards.
i’m excited. i have a busy month ahead of me.